When you are researching something for a long time, every once in a while you look up from the screen of your laptop desperate to share something that you have come across with someone, anyone – and quickly. Because if you don’t, it will disappear into the archive, perhaps never to be seen again. So this is that oh-my-god-someone-has-to-see-this moment, that too often occurs when there is no one else around (and my partner has perhaps had enough of hearing of my ‘interesting’ discoveries at random moments throughout the day) – in blog form.

I am studying for an MA in Middle Eastern History at Tel Aviv University. The research in question is on the relationship between Arabs and Jews during the British Mandate period in Palestine, and more specifically, during the year 1938. Much of my research is based on newspapers from the period.

This was two years into the 1936 -1939 Arab Revolt against the British and the Zionists, a time of instability, tension and violence. To put this into perspective, in one consular report at the time, the British High Commissioner described 1938 as “the worst year in the history of the country” since the First World War.

Newspapers from the period are filled with the idiosyncrasies of everyday life at the time, and you will find some of them here.

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