Tensions and boycott: Haaretz’s coverage ahead of the 1932 Maccabiah


The front page of the Haaretz newspaper on 29th March 1932, the day that the first-ever Maccabiah opened in Tel Aviv.

I undertook some slightly meta research this week. I looked into Haaretz’s coverage in the lead-up to the first Maccabiah in 1932 – for a piece in Haaretz. The world did not cave in on itself, the universe did not implode, but I did come up with some interesting results. Here is the beginning, you can read the rest on Haaretz.com:

Quarrels between right and left, threats of boycott, Arab-Jewish tensions and a religious-secular divide. Sound like the Israel of 2013? In fact, the reference is to Haaretz’s coverage of the weeks leading up to the first-ever Maccabiah Games in 1932, a period as beset by tensions and challenges as today.

Just under two months before the games began in 1932, the World Maccabi Union, organizer of the event, confidently predicted the participation of 1,500 athletes from 18 countries, along with 300 tourists. The stadium being built especially for the games was still not fully ready, however, and the Maccabiah’s budget was 500 Palestine Pounds in the red…..

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