My name is Alona Ferber. I am a journalist, writer, editor and sometime translator, who is based in Tel Aviv. For the past few years, I worked for the Israeli newspaper Haaretz. I was born in Israel, but I grew up in grey, sometimes snowy London. I returned to the Holy Land in 2009, after a four-year stop in Mexico.

I first started this blog when I was writing my thesis for my MA in Middle Eastern history. I spent hours poring over newspapers from 1930s Mandate Palestine for my research. I needed an outlet for all the interesting stuff I came across that wasn’t relevant to my thesis, and this blog was the result.

After I finished writing the dissertation, I was no longer communing so often with old newspapers. This blog nearly died and then it slowly revived, morphing into what it is now – an outlet for all sorts of interesting things that I can still describe as not having made it into my MA thesis. It is a mix of the tried-and-tested historical, as well as some more contemporary stuff. Go on, have  read. Indulge me.

1936–1939 Arab revolt in Palestine against the...

1936–1939 Arab Revolt in Mandate Palestine (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

3 Responses to About

  1. Alfred Jessel says:

    My father worked on the Palestine Post from 1933-1937. In his memoir, he described himself as “a part-time photographer” presumably for the Post. But in looking thru archived issues at http://web.nli.org.il/sites/JPress/English/Pages/Palestine-Post.aspx I don’t see any newsphotos actually published in the Post during this period. Yet I have stacks of prints. Perhaps he was moonlighting free-lance. I would like to identify some of the people in the prints–some appear to be dignitaries, perhaps British Mandate governors and staff. The easy way would to be find captioned photos published elsewhere. What other publications, for which an archive is available, might he have contributed his photos to?

    • af says:

      Hi Alfred,

      If you browse around that website where you are looking at the Palestine Post, there are a number of other titles that you could check from the thirties. I think that at the time he was working, however, the Jewish and Hebrew Palestine press didn’t use many photographs, if they did at all. The Arabic press, on the other hand, did. It could be that he was working for newswires, for an international publication, or for the Arabic press. The Jaffa based newspaper, Al Difah, for example, published news photos from around the world on its back page on every issue (I think). Did your father specifically mention working for the Post in his memoir?

  2. Alfred Jessel says:

    You are correct. Later in the memoir he talks about where some of his photos ended up. His mention of being a part-time photographer appeared in his discussion of his years at the Palestine Post. Only now– discovering no photos in the PP– do I realize that this must have been a sideline for him (which continued long after he left Palestine). He worked for the Post 1933-1937. Mentions some Post colleagues and especially Gershon Agronski for whom he developed a deep and abiding respect.

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