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Sex, sex, sex or why I think some Saudia Arabians started visiting this blog

Anyone who has a blog knows it. It is that private ritual that can lift your spirits like no other, only to leave you empty, longing for more like an addict after the short-lived high has dissipated. I am talking, … Continue reading

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ICYMI: Saudia denied claims of planned sex segregation on flights

So, apparently, it isn’t true. Last month, there were reports all over the web that Saudi Arabia’s national carrier Saudia was set to separate between the sexes on flights following customer complaints. A few days after those reports, there were … Continue reading

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‘Gender separation’ on flights: What happens in Saudi Arabia?

I spent most of the past week working on follow-ups to a story that hit the headlines last week: the El Al-ultra-Orthodox-seat-switching saga. In brief, for those who aren’t familiar with the story, Israeli carrier El Al Airlines is facing … Continue reading

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