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Just for fun: razors, cigarettes and kaparot

On day last month, when the sun was shining outside, I was sitting in a basement doing one of the things I most love doing: reading old newspapers – editions of Haaretz from the 1950s, to be precise. This is … Continue reading

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Hope, grief and frustration at the first post-Holocaust Maccabiah

Now that the 19th Maccabiah Games have come to a close, here is another piece for Haaretz. This oneĀ is about the newspaper’s coverage of preparations for the third Maccabiah, which took place from September 27 to October 6, 1950. This … Continue reading

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Tensions and boycott: Haaretz’s coverage ahead of the 1932 Maccabiah

I undertook some slightly meta research this week. I looked into Haaretz’s coverage in the lead-up to the first Maccabiah in 1932 – for a piece in Haaretz. The world did not cave in on itself, the universe did not … Continue reading

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The lead-up to the first-ever Maccabiah games

Every four years, Israel hosts the Maccabiah, also referred to as “the Jewish Olympics.” It is an international Jewish athletic event, which is open to Jews and all Israeli citizens, regardless of religion. The first-ever Maccabiah took place during the … Continue reading

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Pope Pius XI, strikes and petrol fires: Pictures from around the 1938 world

On its back page, the Arabic daily Filastin published a selection of news photos from around the world. The Christian-owned broadsheet, published out of Jaffa since 1911, was one of the highest-circulating Arabic newspapers at the time. Its main competitor … Continue reading

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